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PLR Texas
Dixie Confetti

  PLR Texas Tommie
  PLR Keepsake Dixie Darling

Tons of pretty speckling make this one of the fanciest little gals in the heifer pasture. And, look at those beautiful horns. She's a daughter of the beautiful Keepsake Dixie Darling. We are getting such a blast of great "frosty" coloring from PLR Texas Tommie. Dixie Confetti is NFS as she will join our younger foundation breeding herd and we will work to reproduce her fancy speckled coloring on her babies. (photo on 8-09-2014 at almost 20 months old.) 

[ VJ Tommie
(aka Unlimited)

Bayou Lou 362
[ CC PeaceKeeper
PLR Sweet Dixie Liberty

No Double

OT Superior's Droopy



Bayou Valentine



Singed Edges


Liberty 877

GJ Sweet Serenity

  PLR Texas Tommie
PLR Keepsake
Dixie Darling
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