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PLR Texas

TLBAA   BA81255
Sire:   VJ Tommie
(aka Unlimited)


 Bayou Lou
His name is "Tommie"...Nuff Said! ..This was a planned mating to bring out all of the best traits from both his sire and dam and we hit a homerun! The VJ Tommie x Emperor cross is one of the nicest genetic matches and provides very proven results. Now sit back and watch this big boy grow! Mom and Pop are both outstanding Longhorns (great horns, color, size, conformation). . .PLR Texas Tommie is on his way to being a true stand-out also!. His first calves are due in Summer 2011 (photo on 11-21-2010 at 21 mos old.)
  P E D I G R E E  
[ No Double
OT Superior's Droopy
[ Emperor
Bayou Valentine





Miss Droopy



Rangers' Measles



Kenesaw Rangerette


Bayou Lou

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