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Honey Gold
  CC PeaceKeeper


PLR Texas Gold
This pretty Longhorn lady is line-bred Phenomenon with a healthy amount of Emperor and VJ Tommie genetics thrown in to balance out the combination. The great sire, Phenomenon, is still recognized as one of the most influential sires in the industry. Phenomenon was by Superior and one of the greatest producing females of all time, Doherty 698. Our Phenomenon son, CC Peacekeeper, has proved his ability to put big, pretty horn on his daughters. This heifer carries the distinctive ox-blood, deep red & white paint coloration. (photo at 16 mos. old)  
[ Phenomenon
Singed Edges
[ PLR Texas Tommie
PLR GoldKeeper


Doherty 698


JW Asphalt

DD Chantilly


VJ Tommie

Bayou Lou


CC PeaceKeeper

24 Carrot

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