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PLR Mona's
Smokin' Mischief
  BH Mr. Smokey
  WT Miss Mona's



The mating of great looks, size, sweet personality, and pretty horns!  And, what a beautiful and balanced match-up in this pretty young female. Strong Butler background blended on genetics for size and build. This young cow was our Miss Mona's 10th consecutive registered calf in her career. Miss Mona has been named now as a TLBAA Dam of Excellence, a top honor fitting this exceptional Longhorn momma!  Like daughter? Time will certainly tell us more. Mischief is growing into a very strong proucer for us as you can see by her new 2014 bull calf, PLR Tommie Apollo (photo on 9-08-2013)  

[ Dark Star Chex
BH Sweet Anna
[ Country Liberator
Day's Miss Mona

VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)

Dark Star BR3


Not Gunna

AJ's Jumpers Sweet Kiss


Country Boy

Tri-W 698 Liberty


7HD Billy Bob

Miss Husker


BH Mr. Smokey

  WT Miss Mona's Liberator
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