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PLR Eclair's
Elegance (Ellie)
  Eclair's Commander


PLR Chizm's Pizzazz

Both of her granddams are outstanding daughters of the great herd sire, Don Julio. Plus add in some PPF Gunmaker, Starbase Commander, Emperor and Jamakizm genetics to add icing on the cake!  Just look at the lineup in that pedigree. This lovely 2014 heifer has a great future ahead of her with a sweet, feminine face, large well-proportioned body with strong conformation, and big horns with heavy bases that come from the Gunmaker / Starbase Commander bloodlines. "Ellie" will continue to darken and speckle out to a definite roan color pattern as she matures. "Ellie" is bred to Lonesome Pine's outstanding herdsire, Black Kettle, for her first calf in late 2016.  (photo on 9-05-15 at 20 months old.)  Not available for sale

Eclair's Commander
[ Starbase Commander
ECR Julio's Eclair 213
PLR Dona Hallelujah
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