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Bayou Buttercup
  CC PeaceKeeper
  Bayou Lou 362
A colorful daughter from Bayou Lou and Peacekeeper - This heifer is the youngest of four very outstanding daughters we have raised from Bayou Lou 362. Bayou Buttercup has a line-up of some Longhorn "star" power in her pedigree and she is on her way to becoming an outstanding foundation female. Along with her great body and top-notch conformation, this pretty gal is growing some horns with a distinctive curve and twist out on the tips now. We're expecting a nice roll on her horns to match mama's beautiful set of horns (and we are hoping for that pretty twist)  (photo on 6-14-2015 )
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Bayou Buttercup is bred to Lonesome Pine's outstanding young herd sire, Black Kettle for her first calf in Summer 2016.
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Bayou Valentine


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CC PeaceKeeper

  Bayou Lou 362
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