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Preserving the
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Texas Longhorn
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  Young Bull & Steer Prospects
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Vanizm Gold PLR
DOB: 12-22-2015
Vanizm x PLR GoldKeeper
Tommie Tesoro PLR
DOB: 1-12-2017
PLR Texas Tommie  x  PLR Chizm's Pizzazz
Tommie Reno PLR
DOB: 5-14-2016
PLR Texas Tommie  x  RVR Peggy Sue Rose
War Chief Dos PLR
DOB: 9-23-2016
CC Blue Warrior  x Classic Pearl
2 0 1 5   B U L L S
Lone Star Tommie PLR - SOLD
DOB: 4-24-2015
PLR Texas Tommie  x  PLR Phenomenal Phancie
See More about Lone Star Tommie PLR
Dixie Raider PLR - SOLD
DOB: 11-12-2015
CC PeaceKeeper  x  PLR Sweet Dixie Liberty
2 0 1 4   B U L L S
DOB: 1-01-2014
LT Rio Grande 103 x PLR Ain't MisBehavin'
DOB: 3-16-2014
PLR Texas Tommie x PLR Mona's Mischief
DOB: 5-25-2014
CC PeaceKeeper x PLR High Hopes
2 0 1 2
.Maggie's 2012 Bull - SOLD
.Silver Belle's 2012 Bull - SOLD
DOB 4-15-2012
CC Blue Warrior X SR Goer's Maggie
(photo at 5 weeks old)
A Farlap Chex Grandson
DOB 3-06-2012 
(photo at 9 weeks old)
CC Blue Warrior X PLR Silver Belle
A Phenomenon Grandson
DOB 4-17-2012
CC PeaceKeeper x Steph 102
(photo at one 4 weeks old)
Award-Winning Trophy Steer

Congratulations to Kylen Harrell and
PLR Red Chief for grabbing top honors at the Texas Longhorn Show at the 2010 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.
Red Chief was named Reserve Grand Champion Steer in the Youth Show which was judged by Carla Jo Payne. Chief was also selected as the Grand Champion Steer at the 2011 Brenham Longhorn Show.

PLR Red Chief is a 2008 son of our senior herd sire, CC Blue Warrior and his dam is one of our original foundation cows, Classic Pearl. We wish Kylen and "Chief" all the best as they continue on the TLBAA and Autobahn Show circuits in the next few years.

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