The January 1996 Texas Longhorn Journal published a survey of its readers naming the Ten Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time. These sires are considered the greatest, not because of shows won or amounts of money paid for them--but because of the outstanding qualities they passed on to future generations of Longhorns.

These eleven bulls had the ability to pass desirable horn and conformation to their offspring and because of these exceptional attributes, their descendants have won top shows and top sales. All of these bulls are now deceased --yet their legacy continues to grow in today's generation of top Texas Longhorn cattle.

Keep an eye out for these distinguished ancestors as you study the proud pedigrees at Pearl Longhorn Ranch. These exceptional sires form the foundations of top breeding today.





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1. TEXAS RANGER JP Straight Phillips breeding; has the unique distinction of being the only Longhorn sire in the ancestry of every Grand Champion Longhorn Bull; he had 48" horns at maturity and has sired some of the top herd sires in the industry.
2. BAIL JUMPER A blend of the Phillips and Wichita Refuge families; has Cowcatcher and Texas Ranger JP in his ancestry; had horns of 53" at maturity; his offspring have almost perfect conformation.
3. OVERWHELMER Considered the best blend of three families--Phillips, Wright, and WR. His horns were over 57" at maturity and he has been the sire of many outstanding male and female champions.
The oldest of the great herd sires, he is straight WR breeding. His offspring are recognized for their very correct conformation; horns were 40" at maturity.
5. IMPRESSIVE A blend of the Phillips and WR families; many outstanding female champions trace back to him; horns were over 51" at maturity.
6. COWCATCHER The first Texas Longhorn bull to weigh over a ton at 2,100 lbs.; a blend of the Phillips and WR families; sire of Overwhelmer and Bail Jumper; had 51" horns at maturity.
7. MEASLES' SUPER RANGER A large-bodied son of Texas Ranger JP produced from a blend of Phillips and WR breeding;he was the sire of many outstanding females with classical correct conformation and beautiful speckled color patterns; his horns were 46" at maturity.
8. SENATOR A blend of the Phillips, WR, Butler, and Wright families; he sired huge horns and body size in both male and female offspring; his horns were over 57" at maturity.
9. CLASSIC An example of straight Butler breeding, this beautiful white bull was the first Texas Longhorn sire to reach over 60" tip-to-tip; his dam was the first Longhorn cow to have horns over 60". Classic was once syndicated for $1,000,000.
10. (tie)  
BOLD RULER Straight Butler breeding with horns over 50".Most of his offspring have had horns over 50" with many daughters having 60+" horns.
KING A blend of Phillips and WR breeding, King was one of the leading producers of heavy bone and muscling in his offspring; he had 65" horns and weighed just over a ton shortly before his death.
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