PLR Super Gridiron
(photo in December 2009)

DOB: 5-02-2007
TLBAA # B178229*
Horns: 52.75" ttt at 2 years old

We acquired this great-looking young bull at PLR as a calf at side of his beautiful blue roan dam, Steph 102 who was owned by John Shaw and Carol Bridges of Lago Vista, Texas. Steph had been AI'd to Super Bowl and produced a whopping-good bull calf; however, John needed to find a good home for both. We knew he was pretty special at 3 mos. old and he just kept on going and growing.
Steph is one of our most outstanding foundation cows.

PLR Super Gridiron has since been purchased as the herd sire for the new Brett Ranch in Brownwood and he started work there in late April 2009 as a two-year old. Those beautiful horns just keep coming. One look at the horn shape just tells you he has Super Bowl bloodlines. And he's loaded with color that just won't stop. His pedigree carries strong depth from many well-known sires in the industry an dis nicely balanced for horn, color, and body size. We paired him in early 2008 with a few of our females before he left Pearl and expect some fine babies from him in late 2009 and 2010.

Congratulations to Brian Brett for his selection of this outstanding young Texas Longhorn bull for his ranch and we look forward to seeing many colorful little "gridirons" in the future.

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