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of the Texas Longhorn
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PLR Texas Sashay

  PLR Texas Tommie
  Steph 102

Oh, we love the pretty black & white!  This gorgeous Longhorn Lady is a definite eye-catcher and is the second heifer from the pairing of Steph 102 with Texas Tommie. Sashay is one of the most uniquely colored heifers we have raised. Starri is a half-sister to our award-winning show bull, PLR Deacon, originally co-owned with and exhibited by Randy and Catherine Morris. Sashay is exposed to CC PeaceKeeper for her first breeding.   (photo on 2-03-18)

[ VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)
Bayou Lou 362
[ ERs Deadly Weapon
Blue Rose 568

No Double

OT Superior's Droopy



Bayou Valentine


Tri-W Lethal Weapon

Miss Wide Lin



Phenomenal Rose

  PLR Texas Tommie
Steph 102
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