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PLR Southern
TLBAA   C250989



Lotza pretty color and one of the most elegant-looking young cows on the ranch!   "Sweetie" is a pretty dark, mulberry-colored roan. Big horn potential on this little gal with momma having over 77+" total horn and her sire at 60" by his third birthday. Great blending of  top genetics for the full package (horns, conformation & color) Very lovely with a very docile personality. She is a graceful beauty for the front pasture for sure!  Sweetie had a beautiful black & white heifer calf, PLR Warrior's Sweet Tart, born June 2011 and sired by CC Blue Warrior  and is bred back the same way. (photo of dam on 6-12-10)

[ GF Southbrooke
Hot Shot Ellen
[ JW Rural Astrid

GF G-Man

Still Classy


Deigo's Hot Shot

HC Ellen


Rural Delivery

Sandhill Astrid 236


Bail Jumper

Miss Widespread 174/62

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