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PLR Phoenix

TLBAA:   pending
Sire:   CC PeaceKeeper
Dam:   Classic Ruby
One of the best new PeaceKeeper sons!  Strong Butler genetics from both his sire and dam crossed on those stout Emperor and Cowcatcher bloodlines make this young guy a top herd sire prospect. Already showing excellent development and great coloring at just 4 months old. See Ruby's 2005 bull, PLR Renegade Warrior, to get a look at the high level of young bulls Miss Ruby can raise. This youngster is shaping up to be herd sire quality with top size, heavy muscling, and lots of rich, red coloring. (photo on 8-19-06)
[ Phenomenon
Singed Edges
[ Classic Catch
Miss Ruby Butler 636


Doherty 698


JW Asphalt

DD Chantilly





3S Butler Bonus

Topaz FM 325

  CC PeaceKeeper
  Classic Ruby 4/6
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