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April 2006

PLR Warrior's
Sire:   CC Blue Warrior
Dam: Classic Ruby
PLR Warrior's Rampage
was purchased by
Carol & Wes Chancey of the
C&W Ranch at Lampasas, TX in 2004
They have him working as a junior sire
on their outstanding herd.
Another of the dramatic-looking Blue Warrior sons, this awesome young bull is developing a very large, well-framed body and has the distinctive black coloring with white edging and underline and reddish-gold points known as "walnut" coloration. Classic Ruby's offspring always carry excellent body size and horn growth. (photo at 2 years old)  
[ ER Star Warrior
TP Miss Blue Mac
[ Classic Catch
Miss Ruby Butler 636

ER Super Sonic

MSBarM Wide Donna



Miss Redmac 609





3S Butler Bonus

Topaz FM 325

  CC Blue Warrior
  Classic Ruby 4/6
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