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2010 Bull

  PLR Super Gridiron
  PLR Phenomenal Monique


This combination of genetics should produce awesome results in terms of big horns, big, well-built body, and a big future. Plus, we have the extra and very outstanding Phenomenon "red & white" paint coloring as part of the package. This big boy has the best of a lot of strong genetics. He's stocky, big-framed, very clean, and flashes like a neon sign when he struts across the pasture. Excellent young junior bull candidate. He's a son of PLR Super Gridiron, who measured in the mid- 50's as a two-year old. (photo in April 2010 at almost 4 months old)
  PLR Super Gridiron  
[ Superbowl
Steph 102
[ Phenomenon
WT Miss Mona's Liberator


Bouncer Blend


ER's Deadly Weapon

Blue Rose 568



Doherty 698


Country Liberator

Day's Miss Mona

  PLR Phenomenal Monique
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