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Bayou Lou's
2007 Heifer
  Farlap Chex


Bayou Lou 362
Owned by Jill Douglas
Willow Creek Ranch
She's just grand in every way!    A special little Christmas present for our partner Jill Douglas who owns the Willow Creek Ranch in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Bayou Lou presented all of us with this elegant heifer right before the holidays. White, with just a hint of speckling like her dam, and light brown ears and stockings. A blending of some great bloodlines, this gal's pedigree is nothing short of the Who's Who of the Longhorn industry. We alternate ownership of Bayou Lou's calves with Jill each year and we had the wonderful pleasure to be able to announce this year again,"It's a girl!" Bayou Lou brought us a beautiful heifer last year,  PLR Doña Halleulujah, sired by Don Julio. (photo on 4-05-08)
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